4th Sunday of Lent

03-22-2020Weekly ReflectionJames Gaffney, © 2008

Color televisions amazed people. Black and white images were replaced by all the colors of the rainbow and both people and cartoons seemed to have more life. Now, high-definition televisions show amazing detail. Colors are more vivid and the picture has a depth and clarity that older televisions lack. The viewer can see every line, wrinkle, and subtlety that was once left to the imagination. The viewer can really see bigger and better!

When Jesus restores the man’s vision, he also gives him the gift of faith. Just as no one can explain why he was blind from birth, the man cannot explain how Jesus restored his sight. He just knows he can see. It is that experience of seeing that allows him to see Jesus—in high definition—as the Son of Man. He can freely acknowledge Jesus, even before the Pharisees, because what he lacks in knowledge, he knows through experience and faith. His vision is not limited to what he knows. He can see with his whole being— mind, heart and soul!

Lent brings our vision into sharper focus. Through self-examination, penance and the intention to amend our life, we can see more clearly the work and the will of God. Every detail and subtlety of grace is vivid and ready for us to say, “I see and I believe”.