The Year of Mercy

12-06-2015Pastor's LetterFr. Fritz

The Year of Mercy begins on December8. As you may know, PopeFrancis has declared a Year of Mercyso that we all may focus on the mercythat God showers upon us.

In the Beatitudes,Jesus teaches “Blessed arethe merciful, for they will be shownmercy.” In other words, the mercythat comes from God is related to the mercy that weshow to one another, not unlike the words in theLord’s Prayer, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgivethose who trespass against us.” During this yearof Mercy, as we rejoice in the mercy of God, let usfocus on the Spiritual and Corporal works of mercythat the Church sets before us. Here is a reminder ofthose acts of mercy…

The Corporal works of mercy:To feed the hungry; To give drink to the thirsty; Toclothe the naked; To shelter the homeless; To visit thesick; To ransom the captive; To bury the dead.

Thespiritual works of mercy: To instruct the ignorant;To counsel the doubtful; To admonish sinners; Tobear wrongs patiently; To forgive offenses willingly;To comfort the afflicted; To pray for the living andthe dead

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