16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

07-17-2020Weekly ReflectionJames Gaffney

Back in March, some second graders planted a bunch of tomato seeds and now, months later, my garden has more than a few tomato plants. They stop by the garden almost everyday, watering the plants and looking for the first signs of fruit. The young gardeners learned that it takes a lot of work to get from seed to salad!

The common experience of planting a seed and watching it grow provides a perfect image for Jesus to explain how faith grows. Faith is not automatic. Like the seed that needs water and soil and sun, faith needs practice and knowledge and the Son. As faith grows and becomes stronger, it transforms not only the believer, but also the community. Everyone is affected by it through word, example and practice. Like the effect of yeast in dough, faith touches every aspect of life.

What can we do to help our faith grow stronger? When we pray, or study the Bible, or share our faith or do good works for the sake of the Gospel, faith grows. When we practice the works of mercy, faith grows. When we ask God for grace and offer Him our hearts, minds and souls, faith grows. Put faith to work and it will work for you.

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