A Message from Fr. Fitz...

06-21-2020Pastor's Letter

Notification of someone who may have been at Mass and tests positive for Covid 19.

In the case of our discovering that someone who was at a Mass and has tested positive for COVID-19, we want to be able to inform all of you particularly if you had been at the same Mass, so that, in consultation with your physician, you can take the appropriate steps. If we learn of a person who has been at Mass and has tested positive, we will send out a parish-wide email with the details. Also, it will be on the parish website as well, so please check our website, brightoncatholic.org on a regular basis. If you wish to be contacted personally, please call or email the rectory (office@brightoncatholic.org) with the appropriate contact information so that you can receive a personal notification.

Our third weekend of Masses since the reopening went very well. We had 370 people who came to the Masses last weekend and our volunteers, as in previous weekends, were very helpful in coordinating the various safety requirements. We are also grateful for the prayerful and financial support of parishioners who have not yet been able to attend Mass. As we move into the next phases of reopening, you will be informed of any changes to our procedures.