Trinity Sunday

05-28-2021Weekly ReflectionJames Gaffney

A seminary professor was preaching at our parish about the Trinity. We expected a theological insight, but instead we received a simple lesson on the mystery of God. He said that God was as easy as 3-2- 1-0: 3 persons in one God, 2 natures in Christ, 1 God and zero understanding! We speak of the mysteries of faith as if we understand them, but the depth of God far exceeds the human mind.


Pentecost Sunday

05-21-2021Weekly ReflectionJames Gaffney

There are some days and moments in life that really change us. They are moments of decision, growth, choice, and loss. Some will be noted as anniversaries, others will be anonymous dates overshadowed by the events of the day. But we are defined by our experiences and the lessons they teach. It changes how we look at ourselves and can help us define the purpose of our life.


The Kingdom Remains

05-16-2021Weekly ReflectionDr. Scott Hahn

Today's First Reading begins by giving us a time- frame - the events take place during the days between Christ's ascension and Pentecost. We're at the same point in our liturgical year. On Thursday we celebrated His being taken up in glory, and next Sunday we will celebrate His sending of the Spirit upon the Church. Jesus' prayer in the Gospel today also captures the mood of departure and the anticipation. He is telling us today how it will be when He is no longer in the world.

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