27th Sunday of Ordinary Time Update

10-04-2020Pastor's LetterVery Rev. Richard W. Fitzgerald, V. F.

As many of you know, our schedule this past spring for the celebration of First Holy Communion got upended by the pandemic. The new dates for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion have been set.

Children who were in our school and CCD program for these sacraments will receive the Sacraments in three different sessions. First Reconciliation will be held on Tue, Oct 6, Wed, Oct 7, and Thu, Oct 8 at 3:30pm each day in the Upper Church. First Holy Communion Mass will be held on Sat, Oct 24 at 9:00am, 11:00am, and 1:00pm. Covid 19 protocols will be maintained. Parents and guardians will be notified by school and CCD administration as to which session each child may attend for each sacrament.

As has happened over the past several weeks since our reopening, last weekend’s Masses went very well. We had 469 people who came to the Masses and our volunteers, as in previous weekends, were very helpful in coordinating the various safety requirements. We are also grateful for the prayerful and financial support of parishioners who have not yet been able to attend Mass. As we move into the next phases of reopening, you will be informed of any changes to our procedures.