To Find Our Lives

06-28-2020Weekly ReflectionDr. Scott Hahn

The Liturgy this week continues to instruct us in the elements of discipleship. We’re told that even the most humble among us have a share in the mission Christ gives to His Church.


A Message from Fr. Fitz...

06-21-2020Pastor's Letter

Notification of someone who may have been at Mass and tests positive for Covid 19.


12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

06-21-2020Weekly ReflectionJames Gaffney, © 2008 Karides Lic. to St. George Publishing

A German proverb says that fear makes the wolf bigger than it is. When we are afraid, our imagination can run wild, we feel helpless and trapped and we fail to act. Just ask any kid who hides under the bed when he hears a scary noise in the middle of the night! The only sound he wants to hear is the reassuring voice of his mom or dad.


A Message from Fr. Fitz...

06-14-2020Pastor's LetterRev. Richard W. Fitzgerald, V. F.

A big welcome to our new Coordinator of Liturgical Music!


The Body and Blood of Christ

06-14-2020Weekly ReflectionJames Gaffney, © 2008 Karides Lic. to St. George Publishing

After dinner at our parents’ home on Christmas Day, we were sitting at the table, reminiscing about the Christmas celebrations of our childhood. The middle brother picked up one of my mother’s in- credible cookies and held it up as he announced that this was the best memory of his childhood Christ- mas. He told the story of being ten years old and sneaking to the kitchen in the middle of the night, just to get a Christmas cookie. A second later, the cookie was gone and it became another part of his memories!


A Successful Reopening Weekend

06-07-2020Pastor's LetterRev. Richard W. Fitzgerald, V. F.

Last weekend we had a successful re-opening of Masses at St. Columbkille Parish. Considering the restrictions and warnings for vulnerable people, we were pleased to have 287 people at the Masses. With the great help of our volunteers, all the procedures and guidelines for a safe opening were met. We are extremely grateful for the volunteers who stepped up to the plate. Please note the revised schedule for Sunday morning Masses and daily Mass. We look forward to Phase 2 of the Governor’s re-opening plan and how it will impact our ability to come together as a faith community. In the meantime stay safe and healthy.

To Walk as One

06-05-2020Weekly ReflectionJames Gaffney, © 2008 Karides Lic. to St. George Publishing

On a beautiful Saturday in May, I sat at a table in the park, reading term papers and enjoying the sights and sounds of spring. My favorite sound is that of little children laughing and squealing as mom and dad play games with them, or throw a ball or sit and eat a picnic lunch. It’s the perfect im- age of family. Love is in the air, infusing the mind and spirit with a sense of peace and joy. There is something about a toddler’s laugh that makes you smile with hope and happiness.