Feast of the Holy Family

12-29-2019Weekly ReflectionJames Gaffney, © 2007

Some of the most humorous moments on the show, “Everyone Loves Raymond,” were those that reminded viewers of their own families. It was easy to laugh at the flaws and antics of the characters because in them we recognized a bit of ourselves. Faced with the same kinds of situations, we know just how everyone would react—with the same silliness, or comic expression, or choice of words. It’s always easier to laugh at ourselves when we know that everyone else is just like us.

In the Holy Family we also recognize a bit of ourselves. Our size and circumstances vary, but beyond the superficial differences, we are the same. The virtues of God’s chosen ones that St. Paul describes to the Colossians are at the core of what it means to be a family. Clothed in mercy, kindness and patience, we bear with one another, forgive one another and love one another, so that as one holy family we help each other grow in faith, hope and love.

Family gives us roots, identity, a place to grow up and a place to call home. We find the support and safety and freedom to be ourselves, to develop our strengths and correct our faults. More importantly, we share the incredible gifts of life and grace with each other. We honor those we love and become the people God calls us to be. We learn and practice the miraculous virtues of God’s chosen ones, because that is who He calls us to be.

~James Gaffney, © 2007 Karides Lic. to St. George Publishing