A few words of interest from Fr. Fitzgerald:

10-20-2019Pastor's LetterRev. Richard W. Fitzgerald, V. F.

New electronic Vigil Light stand at the San Donato statue in the upper church….
A new Vigil Light stand has been donated to the parish and is now in place at the San Donato shrine in the upper church. Each vigil light will stay illuminated for a couple of hours in honor of the particular prayer request made by each person. A donation is offered for each candle. Vigil light candles were very popular in the past, but due to fire hazard, many were discarded for safety reasons. The new electronic candles have been available for a number of years and give the appearances of the real wax candles when illuminated.

Saint Columbkille Parish Grand Annual Collection…
Our annual collection will be held the weekend of November 2/3. The week before the collection, you will receive a letter and envelope in the mail detailing the need for the collection along with a summary of income and expenses for last fiscal year and the budget for this fiscal year. This collection is the largest single income producer for our parish each year and is essential to the financial health of the parish.